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Dental Turizm




Turkey is a destination where you will feel at home while experiencing world famous Turkish hospitality. Bordering eight different countries from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Turkey has a unique geographical location forming a bridge between the continents. With successful service outcomes, competitive price levels, and unique geographic location, Turkey is on its way to becoming a preferred health partner for patients, insurance companies, assistance companies, self-run and government health funds.

Patients will be able to combine medical trip for top quality, affordable health care with a variety of short vacation and tourism opportunities in a culturally and historically rich environment to make it a more relaxing experience.

Turkey is the right answer for the patients seeking high quality medical care at affordable prices along with the flavor of being a tourist in a unique country.

With its top quality medical, spa, wellness, and thermal facilities and hotel accommodations in major cities, Turkey has already been attracting patients from Europe and many other countries.

Safety and quality are the most important concerns for medical travelers, and accreditation gives consumers confidence with respect to comparable quality of care they receive abroad. Almost all Turkish hospitals have the ISO 2001 quality management certification, and currently 46 of these facilities are JCI accredited while some others are in the process of accreditation.


Quality dental treatment performed by a team of well-trained dentists who work with ultramodern equipment and materials is the solution for beautiful and healthy teeth. Our clinic keeps up with the latest developments in the domain and our dentists are permanently trained, both in Turkey and abroad. Special interventions, such as the dental implants, are performed by an internationally trained team of specialists.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 certified clinic to perform the best service in our field.

Our doctors speak English fluently, we also have improved communication during 8 years of experience with foreign patients to create and make them feel at home in our city.

We will be pleased to assist you in organising your journey to Turkey. Our service naturally includes complimentary transfers between airport, hotel and clinic. You can also combine a dental journey with a gorgeous holiday to Turkey, and will pay about 70% less for the whole package (consultation + travel + accommodation + dental treatment), compared to any European dental prices!

State-of-the-art dental equipment

Our surgery has the best equipment available and we use only the best materials from USA, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany

· BTLock implants

· MIS implant

· Biohorizons implant

· Blue SKY bredent implant

· Frialit implant

· Nobel Replace implant

· Intra-oral cameras

· CAD/CAM (computer imaging) techniques

· ZOOM teeth whitening

· Sterilization using WH Lisa 517 autoclave


Dental implants are under manufacturer guarantee for lifetime, we give a guarantee of 5 years for all the dental renovations, like toothcrowns and bridgess. Please do not forget to come for regular check ups (please note that our guarantee terms are only valid if you regularly come for check ups yearly for one day, it doesnt include accidental incidents and not applicable if patients doesnt apply general instructions of dentists).


Kindly follow the steps below to advise us about your needs and requirements. From this moment our team will work to help you, to get back your beautiful smile.


E-mail us a digital dental X-ray which must be taken less than 3 months old and you must not have had any dental treatment since the X-ray. The X-ray is used not only to see the condition of your teeth but also of your bones (essential for fitting a dental implant.) Usually this allows for a quote and a treatment plan to be drawn up, although the dental surgeon sometimes also needs a scan to give them more detailed three-dimensional anatomical information relating to your bones and the positioning of your sinus.

We also ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire so that we can be sure that you are in sufficiently good health to have the treatment. 

  Apply now !

Step 1/2

Please fill this form and you will receive a complete offert for your high quality dental treatment.

This is a preliminary medical form and all the informations are confidentials.


Medical history

   Send this form and then upload your Xrays

Pls. Attach our panoramic x-ray textiyle

We reply you with a detailed treatment plan including our quotation based on the questionnaire and x-ray you have sent.

Once you agree and approve our plan"ation our patient coordinator will assist you for you travel and accomodation plan&dates.

Kindly note that the treatment plan and related total cost (not the unit prices) may be changed according to your current health status on the first examination, the changes will be explained with all details by your doctor if occurs.


We will provide you with the best option for flights from your country to Istanbul or you may arrange yourselves. We have the best accommodation options for you in Istanbul Just inform us about your expectation. We have created a broad network of apartments, 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in Istanbul, at special low rates special to our clinic, and we will find a proper accommodation.

When all details approved from your side, well ask you to sign a treatment plan agreement including all services offered by us.


Our patient coordinator will pick you up from the airport and assist you to the hotel / clinic depending on your arrival time.

  Check up in the clinic - On your first treatment day our staff will show you the clinic. During first examination your doctor will check your status and start you treatment.

  We arrange transfer between hotel-clinic during your treatment, once treatment has been completed and your stay is coming to an end we will provide transfer to the airport.

  We will assist you to arrange cultural and city tours both in Istanbul


General treatments, average crowns, prosthesis can be made within 3-5 workdays. Dental implants require 1-2 trips to Turkey meaning that a total of 3-6 months (2 treatment days + healing period) are necessary to complete an implant with crown (please note that this is only valid for average cases, if bone graft and/or sinus lift is not necessary).


We will inform you once we receive details from your side and you will be happy with your savings.

If accomodation is arranged by us and included to your treatment plan we will kindly ask you to deposit a sum depending on total fee, you will pay the rest once the treatment has been completed, on-site at the clinic. If we will assist you only for your dental treatment you will pay the total sum once the treatment is completed.

Payment can be done either cash or credit card. Deposits are fully paid back in cancellations.

Travel & Leisure


The capital of empires... The city that dominated continents... The cradle of civilisation... The meeting point of cultures and civilisations... These are some of the thousands of phrases that describe İstanbul. Yet neither words nor any amount of reading or listening are sufficient to truly describe and become familiar with the city. Only when you walk along its historic streets, when you see with your own eyes the architectural masterpieces of Byzantine and Ottoman Empires in their original setting, when you enjoy the panoramic vistas of its unique location, and when you start to explore its mystical beauties – only then will you begin to discover, and to fall in love with İstanbul.

Today the historical peninsula is the most beautiful part of İstanbul, and is strategically well placed. The city is surrounded by a seascape peppered with distant islands, and this, together with the Golden Horn (Haliç), the estuary that thrusts into the land along the peninsula, make İstanbul a unique place – and, throughout its long history, a city that many desired to conquer. But the desire to possess the city cannot be explained only by its strategic position or unsurpassed beauty; it has a different attraction, a mystical magnetism that drew states, empires and great conquerors towards it. This attraction led to a long history of conflict, conquest and occupation between those determined to maintain their hold on the city and those who strove to capture it.

Daily tour options are various and attractive, modern and traditional shopping facilities with famous local and international brands can be another options for your free time.

As a fabulous destination for food lovers, with a culinary heritage shaped by diverse influences ranging from the Ottoman court to the varied cultures and ethnic groups that over the years have called the city home, Istanbul hosts best of international cuisine and seafood also. 

So why not

· Saving up to 70% on the cost of your dental treatment

· Enjoying a holiday

· Discovering and exploring a new city, country

· Receiving best treatment you couldnt afford at home

AND Return home with a healthy, great looking smile

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